October 2008, Los Angeles, California and the Los Angeles Safety Preparedness Fair is currently under way. And guess what company was a featured sponsor and highlight of the fair? SOS Flag.

SOS flags should be part of any emergency kit and plan. The SOS Flag is essential for residential, city and state emergency preparedness.

Why? Our flags are easily visible, fold to a very small size for carrying and storing, come in convenient sizes for auto, home, and buildings. They are inexpensive, require no batteries, electrical or fuel source to work. And they carry the internationally recognized symbol for distress: SOS.

It’s no wonder that the second most populous city in the United States prominently displayed and honored the SOS Flag at it’s emergency preparedness fair.

Looking back at this momentous event reminds us all that being prepared is always current.

SOS Flag and Nina Gonzalez Los Angeles Port Police Officer

SOS Flag and Los Angeles Port Police Officer, Nina Gonzalez

 SOS Flag and Katy Carlson is a Los Angeles CERT member.

SOS Flag and Los Angeles CERT member, Katy Carlson