SOS Flags Come In Various Sizes

Here are the SOS Flags that are changing the world.
Our 12

Our 12″ by 16″ SOS Flag has a handle that you can use to hold the flag up and an attachment that easily allows for mounting onto a car window, thin board or siding. It’s reflective, so that it can easily be seen at night as well as day. Perfect for carrying in your car, small boat or hiking trip.

This is the style flag that helped save a stranded motorist. Don’t travel without it.

Our 3 foot wide foldable SOS Flag is perfect for hiking, boats, small aircraft and offices. It’s spring loaded, so it unfolds easily.

It is reflective so it can be used at night and easier to see during the day. It can easily be spotted by passing cars, hikers and aircraft.

Fits nicely in a backpack or drawer.

3 Foot Wide Flag
Our 5 foot Flag Is Shown Here Folded Next To Our Three Foot Flag and 12

Our 5 foot flag is perfect for larger groups, offices, boats and aircraft.

Made in reflective material so it can be used day or night, it folds up easily and stored behind seats, in large drawers, overhead bins and by windows. This flag can be seen from above and on the ground with ease.

Be prepared.