It’s just one of those accidents of life, that the best ideas come out of necessity. It truly is the mother of invention.

Take our patented SOS Flag. It was created out of necessity. Forged and tested with the saving of real human life.

How many times have we heard about the burning building, the lost hiker or missing boat that has people who need help but can’t be found? Too many times.

In comes the SOS Flag.

Innovative, commonsensical, universal and extremely easy to use and understand. Created in bright orange to easily contrast with both the natural environment and buildings and cars with the SOS symbol clearly visible in white.

All our flags easily open up and come in three sizes and configurations. One size is for the car. You can easily open it up and put in on your driver or passenger side window. The other is three feet in diameter. It easily springs open and folds flat to fit in small spaces, such as back seats of cars, boats and back packs The third size is five feet. It’s great for larger boats and ships, for office buildings where you can place it on balconies and bring up to your window in case you’re trapped by fire, earthquake or a terrorist attack.

All of our flags, due to their color and well planned sizes and shapes, can easily be spotted and recognized by rescue workers on the ground and in the air. Get your flag today. Call 1-866-SOS-Flag (1-866-767-3524).