Assemblyman Mike Davis, who in 2011 was named Legislative Man of The Year by the Women’s Political Caucus of California, and Kevin Harbour, prominent Los Angeles Business Leader, know something about SOS Flag: It’s a great idea that is long overdue.

Mike Davis is a California Assembly Member and if there’s one thing Mike Davis knows first hand, it’s the need to be prepared in case of emergency.

Earthquakes, floods and fires are all part of living in the great state of California. One piece of emergency equipment that Mike knows could be the difference between getting help or being overlooked in life and death situations is the SOS Flag.

Unlike other pieces of communication equipment, the SOS Flag requires no batteries, electrical source, gasoline or propane to work correctly. The larger size flags are easily visible from above. Since the flags fold down to a convenient size, they are lightweight and easily portable .

If you are stranded, in the midst of a fire or amid dangerous surroundings following an earthquake and need to change locations your flag is easily taken with you. Once you reach a safer area, the flag can be unfolded allowing first responders and passersby to see that you are in need of assistance.

Both Mike Davis and Kevin Harbour believe in the SOS Flag because they recognize that you need to let first responders and good samaritans know two things: where you are and that you need help.

What could be simpler than a bright colored flag that states clearly: S O S.