There’s something fascinating and horrifying about emergencies. Particularly devastating are earthquakes. In 1989, there was an earthquake that shook the San Francisco Bay area in a way that hadn’t been experienced since 1906.

It was, in fact, the strongest California earthquake since 1952.

Are we prepared?

That’s why the Big Rumble is such a big deal. It’s helping bring awareness to both the public at large and agencies charged with their welfare in case of disaster.

It’s no wonder that SOS Flag, Inc. had to be there. Making both presentations to emergency response agencies and the general public through awareness booths, SOS Flag is making a difference in preparing the public and government in case of another earthquake.

There’s no simpler or easier solution to let others know you need help than an SOS Flag. By simply unfolding it, putting it up to a window or laying it on the ground you can quickly alert others, rescue teams on the ground and in the air, that you need help.

That’s why the Big Rumble is a big deal. It’s alerting the public on how to stay safe and get the help they need when disaster strikes.

Be prepared. Have an SOS Flag in your home, car and office.