The SOS Flag Forged In The Saving Of Human Life - Automobile Version Show Here

Who would have thought that something as simple as a flag with the international symbol of distress could be so effective in helping to save lives?

And so was born the idea of using an SOS flag to be used when you’re injured or in trouble.

Many times, people will not stop to help an injured or stranded motorist, because they do not understand that help is needed and wanted. If you can place something as simple as an SOS flag on your car, passing motorists will know immediately that you are both in need of and asking for help.

The guiding principle behind SOS Flag, Inc. is that people save people. The flag is just that powerful, intuitive tool that lets others know you need help.

The SOS Flag is the perfect communication tool for individuals, companies and government agencies in the event of an emergency. One in the home, car, boat, each business and government office, as well as security stations is a must. It’s the most innovative, and once formulated, the most commonsensical idea to come along in the emergency response industry since sirens.

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